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For intensive surveys
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in this area PREDICTA|ME® composes analyses for personality fitting as well as job simulations which determine the competences and ability of employees and applicants in a professional framework - elements of gamification ensure high user comfort and reliability. 






1. Definition of the requirements for personality traits

These are made by the manager and / or other decision makers in your company. Select a 5 min or 30 min variant for the definition.


2. Applicant or employee analysis

This will be done by the applicant or employee in about 30 minutes.


3. PREDICTA | ME® carries out a comparative analysis ("fitting").

The fitting procedure is not a purely psychological procedure and involves a complex algorithm that compares individual requirements of the position with the candidate profile.


4. PREDICTA | ME® provides the evaluation (in your account and as PDF)

  1. overview of personality traits

  2. comparative presentation of the individual characteristics vs. requirements for the task

  3. precise graphical representations

  4. validity assessment (to assess social desirability; "degree of truth")

  5. looking at the suitability of the employee or candidate

  6. structured interpretation included

  7. individual question collection for a structured job interview included ("fitting remarks")



The promotion and further development of employees and executives as well as organizational development is crucial for the sustainable success of a company. 360-degree feedback (also called 360-degree feedback or 360-degree assessment) is used to assess the competencies (behaviors impacting results) of specialists and managers from different perspectives. These include employees, direct line managers, colleagues, team members or customers (external image).

In comparison to the respective self-assessment candidates get a clear schedule for further development topics.

PREDICT|360 ©, PREDICT|270 ©, PREDICT|180 © consider an employee or manager from different company relationships. The analyses further expand employability skills and increase the commitment. 




Designed for the analysis of team composition,

the allocation of roles and barriers to motivation. 

When a new person is to join a team, we give you an overview of the personalities in an existing team with PREDICT|TEAM  and carry out comparative analyses. How likely is it that they will work together successfully?

An onboarding survey is tailored to your content and situation. It promotes the communication of values ​​and facts, creates clarity and transparency and thus increases the motivation of the employees from the first day - an efficient induction process also increases the identification with the company.
Within the first 3 - 6 months employees receive an invitation for a pulse survey PREDICT|PULSE ©, which queries relevant criteria or facts during the induction phase. Simply answer via smartphone or tablet - learning and / or bringing ideas and wishes. Similarly, an offboarding survey can add value to organizational development. Because employees who leave the company are happy to be open contacts.


Pace has increased dramatically in everyday working life. Employees who are informed promptly and whose experiences are included in possible decision-making processes are more engaged and more motivated. A plus point for any company and one that is very easily implemented!

With PREDICT|PULSE © and PREDICT|NOW ©, PREDICTA|ME customers increase employee identification with the company and their productivity. With PREDICT|HEALTH © you get feedback on health topics.

Employees and managers simply answer via PC, tablet or mobile phone.

| Determining relevant topics through initial questioning.
| Choosing ready-made question modules or tailoring them individually. 
| Choosing how long the questioning lasts and the number of cycles.
| Carrying out the questioning. 
| 100% digital evaluation.
| Choosing a new topic.



Based on the PREDICT|MOOD © analytics we compose a 3-dimensional performance plan for the development of your organization, your teams and your employees. We use a "quiet" and effective approach that draws on industrial experience from over 100 countries worldwide. The result include clear "action items" for the respective process owner. Proposed adjustments are pragmatic and easy to measure.


PREDICT|ACT © is our name for a structured and clearly timed approach that steers the identified development areas and focus topics in your organization towards successful implementation. We plan for you and you monitor the individual levels of success.


For applicants and employees
without leadership responsibility

For applicants and employees
with leadership responsibility

For individual surveys
to employee health