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Revolutionize Your Organizational Culture

The interaction of people in companies is becoming increasingly complex. The new world of work, therefore, no longer speaks only of agility, digitization and sustainable change, but of foresight in developing organizational cultures.

In times of high operational stress, it is particularly difficult for organizations and managers to act decisively and sustainably . The complexity and high demands on good communication can be met with a control system that makes "organizational behavior" visible. It is a matter of recognizing the drivers and barriers in a company. Once identified, concrete improvements can be implemented in a simple and pragmatic way through proposals for action that relate to the concrete situation in a team. Only then it is possible to break out of the eternal hamster wheel of silo thinking and operational overload.

What is needed is pioneering work and change competence to reduce the economic risk of a company.

PREDICTA|ME opens new ways with a revolutionary view on the organization.

Like an early warning system that turns from green to yellow and then to red. Information about changes and dangers in the organization are privded. Are there any gaps in the information system? Are processes insufficiently defined? Is there a lack of mutual appreciation? Through valuable suggestions for action with sufficient scope for individual factors, development is initiated in a holistic way and the organization is optimally prepared for change.

The system of "organizational behavior" gives companies 3 promises:

1. to be able to work more contentedly

2. to be able to implement productively and effectively

3. to achieve future viability

The added value lies in the cultural analyses which, like a behavioral navigation system, help to link entrepreneurial goals and strategies with the human factor. If sub-areas do not function as they should, PREDICTA|ME provides information about this with the help of mood images. Systematic organizational development becomes feasible by identifying potential for improvement.

One of the most crucial elements of effective management is the way in which leaders inspire and lead their team. Responsible leadership requires more than developing a vision, communicating it effectively, and motivating others to follow it. It requires a deep understanding of the conscious, rational behaviors and the unconscious, emotional behaviors.

Playfully integrated tools and trainings indicate where teams, individual employees, and the entire company stand in the course of change processes. In this way, unused potential is made visible. More importantly, it is possible to track the implementation of measures and, if necessary, to readjust them in a targeted manner.

Because good leaders inspire and motivate.

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