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Excellent! Recruiting in the "Secret Job Market"

The air is getting thinner for companies. A few years ago, HR departments were still able to draw on a variety of resources and sift through piles of application documents, but the tide has turned radically. Today, companies apply to applicants, not the other way around. This requires a completely new recruitment strategy.

Welcome to the new world of talent acquisition!

Since 2006, the heads of PREDICTA|ME have been intensively engaged in the topic of recruiting. Through internal and external studies, we were able to analytically identify the respective trends in the market and summarize them in the "PREDICTIVE Recruiting Model". The importance of medium-sized companies for the German economy was also taken into account.

We use our insights to benefit companies.

"If companies helped potential candidates learn more about themselves, about their own behavior, if they showed why that behavior could be an asset to their company - then candidates would trust them, be more interested and accept the job offer!"

Dr. Daniel Nummer, Managing Director at PREDICTA|ME GmbH

You should be aware of these trends - "behavior is more important than the résumé"

  • You must be able to objectively and predictively evaluate behaviors of the person (What behaviors make this person strong in their everyday work? What behaviors need to be developed?)

  • Therefore, invite to a digital "trial job" - a simulation that gives both sides insight into the fit

  • You must no longer use resumes as the sole basis for decisions

  • the process of getting to know each other needs to be authentic, especially easy for candidates

  • You must develop interest in a person's personal characteristics

  • Your added values as an employer must be recognized and emphasized more strongly

  • You need to increase outreach through a combination of social channels

  • You need to respond to interest in a timely and reliable manner

  • You need to deal with candidates appreciatively and at eye level

  • You need to actively reach out to people. The most credible way to do this is in people's everyday lives! (Active Sourcing)

An excellent concept for employee search - "We are seekers of meaning".

Our motivation: to bring companies and people together again in a meaningful way!

Man is a seeker of meaning! If he finds meaning, many things are possible. If the search is unsuccessful, he is bored, frustrated, apathetic, irritated, depressed and looks for a substitute for meaning.

Hope for meaning is often lost in the work environment. The companies that provide candidates with meaning again win the "race for talent".

People deal with existential questions in the working world as well. Who am I, how did I get here, what should I do, why and what happens afterwards? In everything we do, or don't do, in every environment, we deal with meaning. Meaning orientation gives us a deeper meaning than our mere existence. It makes us feel important and greater and gives us a sense of security, at least subjectively. If we feel secure, we can concentrate on other important things. We are willing to make an effort. We provide manpower.

"The companies that give candidates meaning again win the "race for talent" - because meaning and social contact are basic human needs. We long for recognition, appreciation, attention and belonging."

Dr. Daniel Nummer, Managing Director at PREDICTA|ME GmbH

Your access to the "Secret Job Market"

Our knowledge of the importance of meaning enables us to have an authentic exchange with candidates. They know from the very first moment that we work for clients for whom personal fit and a positive working atmosphere are particularly important.

To ensure that recruitment is fast and candidates do not have to wait long for a result, our applications support the search, the approach, and the pre-selection of candidates. The focus here is on the "secret job market". Because at PREDICTA|ME we do not focus on actively searching candidates (approx. 20%), but on candidates who have not even thought about a job change until we get to know them (40%).

Our so-called "Active Search Engines" find matching profiles and "Matching Algorithms" match the skills and social requirements sought for a position with competencies that a candidate has and, through a "job simulation" (playful simulation instead of CV), make a prediction about their fit.

Then we talk to all candidates individually and sharpen the pre-selection also in terms of appearance and communication. The best of technology and people combined for corporate recruiting. Our focus is always on mutual trust.

Once the pre-selection has been completed, information about the eligible applicants is shared with the specialist department at the touch of a button. Everyone involved in the recruiting process gets a picture of the talent and evaluates it within the applicant management system. This saves a lot of meetings and helps the recruiting process become even more efficient.

The best part from an economic perspective? This process costs companies only a fraction of the costs that would have to be called up for a conventional "headhunting" process.

Just get in touch with us! We are also just happy about the meaningful exchange...


Elena Bolognese

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