In professional sports it is routine for a long period already. Statistics, data and facts & figures make information more tangible. The evaluations describe processes on the basis of numbers - and if in addition one focuses on the human facets of professional collaboration a very clear picture of the chosen strategy and possible effects emerges.

In contrast to this organizations are often still at the beginning of any organizational analysis. Collected employee data on salary, performance and days off only insufficiently describe possible behavior of an entire organization. Conclusions on the structures and processes within the teams or how one could possibly improve them cannot be made in a valid way..

The PREDICT|SUITE© enables organizations to benefit from a detailed insight into their own organizational behavior and steering thereby delivering ideas for management decisions accordingly.

We focus on 4 relevant dimensions of organizational collaboration. 1. impression of single personalities within teams, 2. how teams realize interaction wihin and across the team, 3. how supportive is the current and individual management behavior and 4. degree of identification to core values and attributes of the overall organization





The PREDICT|SUITE© is able to identify actions required within each management level and based on respective diagnostic procedures of teams and behavior of the organization.

Thereby it gives additional information on requirements and competencies needed to hit targets with high probability, creates insights on perceived management behavior and empowers employees to function as feedback experts on a regular base in order to be part of management decision models. 

Some questions PREDICT|SUITE© can help answer:

  • Which personalities and competences are needed for a certain function in the organization?

  • How to gain an retain new talent?

  • How can team composition help or hurt team performance?

  • How to gain advantage from diversity?

  • What is the best way to lead in each individual team?

  • How to develope the organization? 

  • What are positive and negative elements in each team?

  • How to motivate?

  • Why some teams are more effective than others?

  • How to adapt leadership styles?